Jeff's Campaign

The end of Miss Hona

an evil mantis-like succubus sort of critter.

We are with Alistan in an extradimensional pocket accessed through a tree behind his house. (rope trick spell)
Schoolteacher is a preying mantis (extraplanar)
she’s sucking life energy from men to feed her eggs
She has more than one clutch of eggs
eventually the weakened victims may gain their energy back naturally
Mantis is very strong, overpowered Alistan’s will
Our job is to recon and report. Not kill her yet. Alistan is going to brew a potion that we must feed her.
We (minus Kathy) leave the tree and return to town. We head to the Insert Name Here Inn to gather information. We see Karl behind the counter.
Karl tells us the teacher is staying at a cottage outside town, owned by Jim the grocer. She’s not holding any tea parties yet, but will start soon.
Karl doesn’t know what started the fire, but speculates it was tresspassers.
Gerald brewer makes the tea she drinks. She’s also fond of chocolates.
Off the women go to Miss Hona’s cottage. There is no line of men, but there are two burly bouncers outside. Names are Fred and Tom). We ask if we may speak to Hona as we are investigating the burning of her house. One of the guards goes inside the house and the other talks to us about joining ths guild.
Miss Hona is not taking appointments for two days. She doesn’t know who burned down her house.
The other guard wants to join the guild as well; they agree to bump us to the top of the waiting list.
Hona doesn’t talk to the guards face-to-face, only through the door.
Off we go to see Jim Grocer. We find him stocking eggs. He tells us about the layout. Two rooms, crawlspace underneath, not accessible from the outside.
He has chocolates coming in tomorrow
We go talk to the brewer. He makes a custom tea in leaf form for Hona. There’s nothing special about the blend, except she takes her tea sweeter than the brewer’s used to.
We take the tea back to Alistan’s. He has a list ofingredients
fresh dew from a moonflower
Venom of a giant spider
rattle from a snake
mist from a waterfall
Earth heart fungus (grows among the roots of oak trees)
He lacks the guts to craft the potion. He gives us the instructions for brewing.
Brew in open air
start at noon
finish at midnight, 36hrs later
Cannot expose to sunlight
We head into the forest in search of a waterfall
We enounter three snakes and collect their rattles and venom
A little later on, the half-orc finds some earthheart fungus, despite the fact that the druid insisted that there weren’t any around.
Chris and Sarah took a bunch of Con damage; they are out of combat while they heal.
We wander along and find the waterfall. We collect mist.
We meet Kobolds. Sarah says, “I speak Draconic.” Mike says, “I swing a greataxe”
We kill 2 Kobolds and 1 flees. We heal the Con damage and move on.
chris finds a moonflower and harvests the dew
Mike finds a giant funnel spider. Crystal and Chris hit it with poisoned arrows, and then Mike turned it into chitinous jam. We collect the venom.
The spider’s lair contains:
60pp – goes into our guild account
a heavy wooden shield
masterwork light crossbow
climber’s kit. Sarah tries to pocket it, but is spotted. Crystal suggests giving the kit to the guy who can’t climb.
Shiny looking longsword, with a snowflake in the hilt.
We head back to the house. We’re going to craft the potion a little ways away from the house.
Sarah turned the owlbear pelt into:
bracers for Mike
belt for Kathy
armbands for Sam
sheath for Chris’ kukri
Holy symbol for Crystal
A cape for Sarah
We poisoned Hona, who returned to her own plane, and burned the cottage to destroy the eggs.
We all get 3283 XP.



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