Jeff's Campaign

Bill and Ted's Excellent Ambush

After a well earned break, the party was relaxing at their home/guild hall. Bill&Ted, previously engaged as street toughs, city guardsmen and generally rough and tumble folk arrived unexpectedly, escorting a cleric.

The Cleric introduced himself as Brother Rufus and purchased a guild membership. He bragged that he was going to be making it rich and showing the world what he had learned while at seminary.

He also brought troubling rumours of Orcs coming out of the lake at night and attacking the city. The players thought this was a great way to greet the day and boldly set out to accompany him as well as Bill&Ted to the tavern InsertNameHere to help out with an ambush upon the orcs.

When the fight eventually came, a number of orcs crawled out of the darkness of the lake and set upon the town, being met with sword arrow and song by the players and their allies. Early in the fight a dark elven man appeared in a bolt of light and shot Brother Rufus with a hand crossbow. He died despite the valiant efforts of the party cleric to save him.

The day of play ended at that point, and the characters are preparing to deal with the next day, and likely, the next ambush.

As Recorded by Shump
Our house is reasonably constructed. Set up as guild hall. Basic furniture. Aside from that not much has happened in town.
One day a man enters the guild hall. Wants to join the guild. A cleric of some unknown god. Math is done.
There have been attacks in town lately. Carl mentioned an attack by orcs the previous evening. The orcs come up through the water, from the mining tunnels beneath the town.
We set up an ambush. And kill all the orcs. Loot:
7 falchions
14 javelins
7 sets studded leather armor
heavy wooden shield
+1 studded leather armor
holy symbol
Rod of cure moderate wounds (3 uses/day), which went to Lumpy the cleric
Another falchion
42.1gp, which goes into the guild pot



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