Jeff's Campaign

Portals, Dragons and Drow

Lots of killing, and quite a bit of looting.


We carry the dead NPC cleric back to the guild house. Check his pockets for identification or correspondence. Bill and Ted accompany us to the Guild house.
Bill says the cleric was a man of faith, was very upbeat, sometimes a bit of a braggart. He came from far away down south. His religion was foreign; Bill doesn’t know much about it. He was powerful strong; he once sewed Ted’s entire arm back on and made it work.
Lumpy performs last rites on the NPC cleric. He’s a cleric of Heironious, but worship of Heironious is not common in this area.

We build a small cemetary and bury the cleric. From his loot we get:
Ring of Protection +1 (deflection bonus to AC)
Chain shirt, glamored (chain shirt that can look like any other clothing, at the wearer’s command). Goes into vault. Appraised at 3900gp
Flaming mace +1 ( +1 mace with additional d6 fire damage on hit.)
Holy symbol of Heironious. Buried with the cleric
Holy text (The Book of the Path). Added to our library.
Travel supplies
Arming coat

The night before the funeral, Bill and Ted said they were going back to the InsertNameHere, because that’s the most common place for Orc attack. We accompany them.
This time we build a bonfire in the middle of the street, intending to light it when the torches go out.
Orcs emerge. We kill them. But not before one launches a giant ball of blue fire into the air. Green mist boils out of the portal. From the portal emerges a skull with forward curving horns and a spine crest. An acidic smell surrounds the creature. It’s a black (acid) dragon.
Shump confirms his critical with a natural 20, dealing 60 points of damage and severing a wing. The ranger then finishes off the dragon’s last 11HP with an arrow and steals the credit
The cleric spends the next four rounds riding her bee, and the bard skins the acid dragon.

8 sets of studded leather armor
8 falchions
16 javelins
heavy wooden shield
+1 studded leather armor (to the ranger)

In the dragon, we find the remains of someone wearing golden half-plate (2690gp). Clutched in his hand is a magical arrow, made all of silver. The arrow is a dragon slaying arrow.

We explore the lake. Nothing grows to the lakeshore. As we’re exploring an old man happens along. He’s an alchemist.
Two of the orcs carried a holy symbol. It’s a spider-woman mix from the Drow. She’s known as the goddess of death and deception. The goddess is Loth, a Drow goddess. Normally Drow and orcs are enemies, so finding the symbol on the Orcs is… weird.
Several rangers report that there are several mines around the lake. We talk to one guy in town, a hunter, who has a terrible story that three days ago, one of the small settlements across the water was burned to the ground by orcs.
Allustan seeks us out. He’s feeling hale and hearty again, and is willing to assist. He has some information he wants to dig out of his personal library in his hidden tower. Afterward, he’ll tour the rest of the settlements, since he can do it faster than us. (teleportation or flying monkeys or something.)
We set up another ambush for tonight. More Orcs come. Peter Pan returns. We kill them all.

6 Falchions
12 Javelins
6 Studded Leather Armor
2 Mthral shirts
2 Masterwork light steel shields
2 +1 short swords
2 masterwork daggers
2 hand crossbows
18 bolts
6 doses of drow poison (DC 13 Fort save Unconscious for 1 min/2d4 hours)
+1 drow tempered mithral chain shirt (to the Barbarian)
masterwork composite longbow +3 (to the barbarian)
+1 drow tempered longsword
masterwork short sword



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